South Florida Closing Agent Palm Beach

In south Florida, there are many people involved with the purchase or sale of a property, one area that is a major involvement in the real estate transaction is the closing agent. In Palm Beach County there are a multitude of closing agents to choose from. The closing agent is there to provide information and facilitate the transfer of property between you and the other party. The closing agent is the one that performs the closing process which includes issuing title insurance and disbursement of funds, and recording of the deed. They work behind the scenes searching title, determining property taxes, working with the seller’s lender, working with your new lender, and many other things that go on behind the scenes. Also, if the closing agent is a notary, they can also be the ones to notarize the documents in the loan package that need notarization.

When you enter in a contract, it is often your real estate agent who will select the closing agent, although, if you have worked with your own in the past you can use a closing agent of your choosing. Once the closing agent is appointed it would be wise to introduce yourself to the closing agent early on, just to make sure the closing agent has all your contact details.