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Heritage Title Insurance, Inc.’s expertise is evidenced through our work on your individual Real Estate Transactions as well as our designation as Exclusive Agents for many complicated Development Projects, including Condominium Developments and Single Family Residential Projects. At Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc., we are proficient in handling the entire process, beginning with coordination of loan processing and finalizing with successful closings. We have earned the confidence and trust from Real Estate and Lending Professionals throughout the United States by providing knowledgeable and efficient service for over four decades. Please contact us with any questions you may have – we personally answer each call and will be happy to hear from you.

Our main office, located in the heart of the Fort Lauderdale business district, Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. provides a convenient and elegant setting for the closing of all of your real estate transactions. In addition to our satellite offices in Boca Raton and Tallahassee for your convenience, we are able to assign mobile closers throughout the United States and Canada for your Florida property closings, ensuring you and your clients have the most comfortable and professional environment and staff to close your transaction. We have conducted tens of thousands of Closings and Title Reviews for properties throughout the State of Florida and are licensed to do business in all 67 counties handling both small and large transactions including both residential and commercial transactions and we want to work for you.

Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. is proud to be a recipient of “Top 10 South Florida Agent Award” from Attorneys Title Fund Services and designated as “Top 10 Agents – Southeast Florida” by First American Title Insurance Company. We are members of Florida Land Title Association and American Land Title Association and adhere to practices of the highest ethical standards. Also, in an effort to be consistently informed regarding real estate market developments and news specifically as it relates to Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers, we maintain Affiliate Membership of Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS®. In the event that legal representation is desired, we are able to refer questions to our attorneys. We are absolutely committed to provide you with top notch, smart, well-informed service for all of your real estate transactions. We are fully prepared to begin working on your transaction immediately, no matter how complicated or how small. Just give us a call 954.763.3665 or send us an email and we will respond right away with any questions you may have. You can also see FAQ’S Page for information regarding Fees, Title Insurance Protection, and other pertinent information.

Our agency utilizes the most advanced technological systems and software platforms, which are constantly upgraded and improved to meet with changing demands and requirements of the Consumer and Lender. Compliance with strict Privacy Practices are maintained. Intensive training of all staff members is a continual practice and of foremost importance to Heritage Title Agency, Inc Through these practices, we are able to streamline the process and provide much more efficient service, making your transaction smoother.

Contact us today 954.763.3665 Give us a try, let us earn your business – you will not be disappointed! After all these years, we know how to get the job done right and we very much look forward to working with you.

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Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. is committed to providing superior expertise and service throughout every aspect of the closing process. Most importantly, our experience affords you the very best in title review, issuance of your Title Policy, and ease of the closing process. Once you have a signed purchase agreement, look to the best to close your transaction.

Closing on a home or commercial property is very complicated. It is crucial you have the very best professionals protecting your interests and answering your questions. Whether you are the consumer, the real estate agent or broker, or the lender, Heritage Title Insurance Agency can assist every step of the way.

Title Review
Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. invests in sophisticated real estate title search and review technological platforms and advanced closing software. Our staff thoroughly reviews official records and documents regarding the real property and educates all interested parties of the status and condition of title. We are diligent in searching for any unknown heirs, forgery, liens, encumbrances, or unknown claims that can cloud title. The information will be provided to each interested party in the form of a preliminary title report or title commitment. Additionally, the agency orders and reviews pertinent municipal lien reports, homeowners/condominium association statements, tax records, property appraiser records, court file and dockets with regard to lawsuits and probate, as well as bankruptcy information.

Escrow Officer
Heritage Title Agency, Inc. also acts as an Escrow Officer in the transaction. We are authorized hold monies or documents in safe keeping until closing or cancellation/termination of the contract. Funds can only be released and held as instructed in the contract or subsequent agreements between the Buyer and Seller. For instance, should there be a dispute of funds, the title company is bound to hold those monies until a resolution is reached by the Buyer and Seller.

Closing Agent
Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. is a diligent partner in the closing process. We work directly with lenders, consumers, real estate agents and brokers, and attorneys to coordinate a successful closing. Over four decades of experience along with constant training on new and emerging developments in the industry makes Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. your very best choice to ensure your closing documents are accurate and your closing process is efficient. We very much look forward to having the opportunity to be the ones to hand over the keys to your new property – please contact us with any questions you may have.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Don’t see your question here? Please call our office at 954.763.3665 and ask one of our professional staff members.



Q: What is title insurance and why do I need it?

A: You NEED and WANT title insurance.  A title insurance policy protects you from losses from matters unknown that effect your ownership.  Issues that may occur from title defects such as unknown heirs, forgery, liens, encumbrances, or unknown claims against the property at the time of purchase are insured.  The policy becomes active the day you take ownership of the property, and coverage is retroactive to cover any title defects that may have occurred prior to that time.   Title insurance is designed to cover the rights you bargained for in your contract.   

Q: If my lender gets title insurance for its mortgage, why do I need a separate policy for myself?

A: Your Lender will require that you pay for the Lender’s Policy which covers the amount of your loan and the coverage decreases as the principal is decreased.  Usually, the loan amount is less than the value of the property. It provides you absolutely NO protection of your ownership.

Q: What is owners coverage and what is the cost of title insurance?

A:  An owners’ policy insures your ownership of the property free and clear of threats to your title such as those listed above.  An owners’ policy is a one time charge generally collected at your closing on the property.  There is no renewal as with other forms of property insurance.  Your coverage continues as long as you own the property and will be transferred to your heirs in the event of your death.  SEE THE MANY STEPS THE TITLE COMPANY PERFORMS IN ORDER TO DETERMINE CLEAR TITLE AND ISSUE YOUR POLICY. In the event of a bona fide title claim, your policy will cover the cost of defense as well as attorney’s fees .  In Florida, the title premium is promulgated and the fee is based on the amount of the purchase .  Call us (954) 763-3665 or email us today for a TITLE QUOTE.


Q: What if I have a problem? How do I file a claim?

A: If you discover an issue that you feel is a claim you should first contact the agent issuing the policy for explanation.  If you continue to feel there is a valid claim the instructions for filing a claim are listed in the policy jacket and can be sent directly to the title insurance underwriter for review and consideration.  You will then receive a response as to what action needs to be taken.




Q: What are your closing fees?

A: Since title insurance fees are regulated by the State of Florida, title insurance costs are mandated and are referred to as promulgated rate.   Call us (954) 763-3665  or email us today for a TITLE QUOTE.  In addition to the cost of a policy, Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. charges a Settlement Fee, and Abstract Fee, and a Courier/Wire Fee to the Buyer.  The buyer will be responsible for obtaining a survey, if required, and paying the fee at cost to a surveyor.  There might also be charges for application fees, capital contributions to condominium/homeowners associations, and lender fees/costs. Charges to the Seller include municipal lien search at cost, association estoppel fee(s), if applicable, at cost, and special assessments, if applicable.  Call us (954) 763-3665  or email us today for a CLOSING FEE SHEET.  Closing fees vary based on a variety of factors, we will gladly discuss our fees as they relate to the terms of your purchase.


Q:  Do I need to hire an attorney to represent me at closing? 

A:  NOT AT ALL.  While attorneys can issue title insurance and act as settlement agents, the State of Florida licenses commercial title agents and agencies who issue title insurance and conduct closings – AND IT IS THEIR ONLY BUSINESS.   Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. provides the most experience with residential and commercial real estate transactions, both in depth of knowledge and familiarity with various lenders and their closing practices.  Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. requires significant continuing education of our title agents.  Also, as a title agency, we are required to comply with monthly oversight of the agency by title underwriters and the State of Florida.


Q: What if you cannot come to one of your offices to close?

A: No problem, we can assign a mobile closer to meet your schedule and be available to come to a location of your choice anywhere in the United Sates.


Q: Do you handle re-finance transactions?

A: Yes, and have handled thousands of refinances over the years.  Your owners title insurance policy will entitle you to a credit on the lenders policy you purchase for the refinance up to the face amount of the policy.  NOTE: There is a significant discount available to you on a refinance.  Call us today (clickable link to phone number) for a quote to obtain the discounted rate.


Q: I have heard lending requirements have changed.  Is your office approved to work with my Lender?

A: Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. has been approved to work with ALL Lenders.  We have extensive expertise and training in all aspects of loan closings.  No other company is able to provide the same service that Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc. provides.  Remember, you have a choice in title agencies and closing agents – make the wise choice with Heritage Title Insurance Agency, Inc.  Your properties are substantial investments and require protection.  We are dedicated to ensuring your interests are protected by insuring the title of your residential or commercial property.

Call us (954) 763-3665  or Email us today for a TITLE QUOTE.

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