South Florida Closing Agent Fort Lauderdale

When dealing with real property and real estate transactions between two parties, there will be a closing agent that deals with the final steps in sealing the deal. In Florida, there is a contract that states the closing must be held in the county where your purchased property is located, for instance if you live somewhere in south Florida but bought property in Fort Lauderdale, the closing has to be at the office of the attorney or closing agent in Fort Lauderdale by whomever paid for the title insurance. In most cases the buyer pays for title insurance. In the event that you the buyer do not purchase any title insurance then the seller may chose the location of closing. Regardless of who pays for title insurance, the closing agent should make sure that two witnesses and a notary is present when closing takes place.

Remember buying a house is a huge financial investment and before any final documents are signed, it is always in your best interest to have the documents reviewed by your own legal counsel to protect you.