Real Estate Closing agent Palm Beach

There are many real estate closing agents to pick from in Palm Beach county. One of the ways that real estate agents go about appointing a real estate closing agent is by the relationship real estate agents have built between themselves through the number of real estate transactions. Your real estate agent may appoint one for you during the real estate transaction but that does not mean you can’t use your own that you have used in the past or a friend might have recommended to you. In Florida, the choice of whether either party should designate the closing agent and pay for the owner policy is something that can be negotiated. In Florida, particularly in Palm Beach County, the common standard is for the buyer to pick and pay for the service.

However, just because something is standard practice does not mean that every transaction should follow suit. There are numerous instances where the seller would benefit from controlling the closing. Each real estate transaction varies and depending on whether you are the buyer or the seller of the transaction, it is better to weigh out your options and consult with an attorney.